If you own a fraction of a corporation then a stock is the representative of the ownerships. Your ownership proportion of a foundation's assets and the profit you gained from them are determined by the stocks.

Companies sell their stocks to raise their funds which is required for their business.

Shareholder is the name given to the holder of the stock. As a result; if a company has 100 shares of stock and one person owns 10 shares; that person has a right to claim %10 of the company’s assets and earnings.

On the other hand, stockholders do not own corporations; they own shares issued by corporations.

The definitions of stockholders and shareholders are strictly different from each other since the corporate property is legally stated apart from the property of shareholders. In case of a bankrupt shareholders are not affected.


Shares are the units of stock.

In terms of investing in the stock market; priority as an investment instrument is given to stocks.

Stocks also represent a property or partnership however they do not have a standard return since their value varies depending on corporations balance and investment decisions.

Shares and stocks proceedings are stated by special law terms.

Stocks which are the most traded investment instruments of the stock market. Therefore stocks are very important for the both investors and companies